Bingo Caller

Bingo Caller has a TON of features that makes a bingo game fun to call. Here are the list of features:

    • Wild Number Generator - This button will generate a Wild Number. All numbers ending in the second digit of that number will be highlighted on the board
    • Auto Pick Feature - The auto pick feature will allow the user to sit back and have the app call out the bingo numbers. The user can set a delay of 10 to 60 seconds in between calling the next number
    • The current bingo number called will be highlighted in green and blink for 2 seconds.
    • The previous bingo numbers called will be highlighted in red
    • There is a list which shows the bingo numbers that have been called in the order they were called
    • Over 50 bingo games available
    • Ability to turn on/off the ball animation
    • The game selected will be displayed for the user to see at all times
    • The user has the ability to change the title of the application (for themed games)
    • The user also has the ability to turn on/off the ability for certain letters to be called. For example, for B.O bingo, by default the Is, Ns, and Gs will not be called. The user has the ability to override this feature.


Bingo caller is available for $199 USD. To purchase a copy, click below.


Bingo Caller